Pupil Distance
Pupil distance is the distance (measured in mm) between the pupils of your eyes.

Why is this measurement important?

When prescription lenses are cut for the frame you've selected, our high tech edging computers are programmed with your pupil distance so that the exact optical centers of the lenses are directly in front of your pupils.

If the prescription lenses are not set at the same distance as the distance between your eyes, then an unwanted prism is induced which may cause eyestrain.
In lower prescriptions, the amount of prism induced may not be of consequence and may not cause eyestrain. For prescriptions over (+) or (-) 2.00, knowing your PD is important.

How do I get my PD measured?

Please inform your doctor at the time of the examination that you want your "PD" measurement included with a copy your eyeglass prescription.

Pupil distance can be provided in one of two ways. The first is monocular measurement, which will result in values somewhere between 26-36 mm

The second type is a binocular measurement, in which case the number will typically be somewhere between 54-72mm. A binocular measurement is the exact total distance between your eyes, but if your face is not perfectly symmetrical, then this number may not be split equally between both of your eyes.

What if my PD is written 66/63?

The first number(66) of the PD is required when making distance eyeglasses.
The second number(63) is the near pupil distance, and is required when ordering reading glasses.



Measuring my own PD.

1) Ask a friend to place a (MM) ruler on the bridge of your nose and measure the distance between the centers of your pupils with your eyes looking straight ahead Into the distance.

2)  Place the 0 value of the ruler at the middle of the left pupil and measure across to the middle of the other pupil. The distance between the middle of One pupil to the other is the PD. If ordering reading glasses, subtract 3 from your measurement.

 If you have questions or concerns about your PD measurement, please email support@framequest.com and one of  our highly trained technicians will be able to help you.

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